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How to have sex with your grandmother I Look Real Swingers

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How to have sex with your grandmother

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You're grandma has so much wisdom that you could learn a thing or two from. So, basically your grandparents.

Better at nearly 70 than as a young. Which is, to say the least, confounding.

Everything in our culture suggests that hot sex is the domain of the young. OK, with the exception of niche granny porn.

We look to inexperienced Varsity students, not seasoned senior citizens, with sexual envy. Many of them have had sex several thousand of times.

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You learn a thing or two from trying to keep things hot for decades upon decades. The upside of being forced into slower sex is that it lets old folks luxuriate in sensations—and not gave the arthritic variety.

They can even discover entirely new turn-ons that they sped past in their youth. Something to look forward to! It often takes longer to get an erection and it lasts shorter.

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Hos may seem wigh one of the greater indignities of age, but it forces a lesson that men of all ages need to get hip to: Not only can sex survive a less dependable dick, but it can get better. That is, if it drives you to get creative about turning your partner on—think fingers, tongue, and toys, just for starters. Even if he would usually have no problem love to a man it, anxiety is an erection killer.

Usually, if you have those two things, attraction will come later—and so will loads of great sex that becomes the envy of your nursing home. All modern males have gotten the memo that porn is an absolutely terrible guide for how to have sex in real life, right?

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Try to imagine what it would have been like to grow up without YouJizz at your fingertips. Ew, gross, retch.

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I know, most people are way too freaked out to talk to their elders about sex—mainly because it requires thinking of them as sexual beings. Well, allow me to break it to you: Your parents are probably having grandmotger.

Your grandparents are probably having sex. Fun fact: My grandma once told me that sex only got better into her 80s. Price recommends starting with questions about the sexual expectations and beliefs of their younger years.

It can be a delight for both of you to erase that divide. Follow us on.

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Sex Secrets from Your Grandma You're grandma has so much wisdom that you could learn a thing or two from .